Quiz Meeting 14

06 Jun

1.Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

A. Metropolitan Statistical Areas

B. Types of Population Centers

C. The Bureau of the Census

D. Megapolises

2.According to the passage, where do most Americans live?

A. In the center of cities

B. In the suburbs surrounding large cities

C. In rural areas

D. In small towns

3.According to the Bureau of the Census, what is an urban area?

A. An area with 2500 people or more

B. An area with at least 50,000 people

C. The eighteen largest cities

D. A chain of adjacent cities

4.Which of the following are NOT considered important in defining an urban area?

A. Political boundaries

B. Transportation networks

C. Social relationships

D. Economic systems

5.The word integrate in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to?

A. benefit

B. define

C. unite

D. restrict

6.The word its in paragraph 2 refers to?

A. the MSA’s

B. the area’s

C. the city’s

D. the population’s

7.The word adjacent in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to?

A. beside each other

B. growing very fast

C. the same size

D. densely populated

8.According to the passage, what is a megapolis?

A. One of the ten largest cities in the United States

B. One of the eighteen largest cities in the United states

C. One of the one hundred cities between Boston and Washington

D. Any number of continuous adjacent cities and suburbs

9.Why does the author mention the Eastern Corridor and the California coast in paragraph 3?

A. As examples of megapolises

B. Because 75 percent of the population lives there

C. To conclude the passage

D. The Bureau of the Census is located there

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