Quiz Meeting 6

06 Jun

1. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?
A. A History of New York City
B. An Account of the Dutch Colonies
C. A Biography of Peter Minuit
D. The First Capital of the United States

2. What did the Native Americans receive in exchange for their island?
A. Sixty Dutch guilders
B. $24.12 U. S.
C. Goods and supplies
D. Land in New Amsterdam

3. Where was New Amsterdam located?
A. In Holland
B. In North America
C. On the island of Manhattan
D. In India

4. What does the author mean by the statement :
Because attempts to encourage Dutch immigration were not immediately successful, offers, generous by the standards of the era, were extended throughout Europe?

A. Other Europeans were given opportunities to immigrate to the new world after a slow response by the Dutch
B. Since the Dutch immigration was so successful, opportunities were provided for the Europeans to immigrate to the new world also
C. The Dutch took advantage of opportunities to immigrate to Europe instead of to the new world
D. Immigration to the new world required that the Dutch and other Europeans wait until opportunities were available

5. The word heterogeneous in paragraph 2 could best be replaced by
A. Liberal
B. Renowned
C. diverse
D. prosperous

6. Why were so many languages spoken in New Amsterdam?
A. The Dutch West India Company was owned by England
B. The Dutch West India Company allowed freedom of speech
C. The Dutch West India Company recruited settlers from many different countries in Europe
D. The Indians who lived there before the Dutch West India Company purchase spoke many languages

7. The word formidable in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning
A. powerful
B. Modern
C. expensive
D. unexpected

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